Leadership Team

Lakeway is led by a team of people who are sometimes referred to as "elders," but we prefer the term Leadership Team or "LT." Which ever name you choose, these are the people that God has led to take responsibility under Christ, to provide care, protection and direction for the church.

The Leadership Team is chosen through a process of nomination from the congregation, prayer and wise counsel. The Bible gives criteria for this level of leadership which can be found in the books of 1 Timothy and Titus.

Rev. Mark Abernathy - Pastor

Victor Suich - Elder

Scott Johnson - Elder

Pastor Mark Abernathy




Reading & sports

Originally from:

Arkansas, but grew up in Southern California

Favorite sports team:

Minnesota Vikings

Favorite Scripture:

Philippians 4:13 - I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Favorite artist:

Chris Tomlin

Community Involvement:

Hospice chaplain

Pet Peeve:

Drivers with the gift of tailgating


My wife, Jane, and I have four grown children and four grandchildren

Volunteer Staff

Listed below are the volunteer ministry leaders. If you have a question about any of the following ministries, please contact the church office or one of the leaders below.

Royce Theissen, Men's Ministry

Jane Abernathy, Women's Ministry

Cathy Gleason, Children

Bruce Mueller, Audio/Visual Manager

Juliana Peirce, Office Staff