Weekly Sunday Service Updates

LT Update

July 4, 2020


Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


We wish there was better news on the coronavirus front, but unfortunately, we continue to see an escalation of new cases in Hamblen County and other surrounding areas. It is imperative that we remain vigilant in observing the measures that help safeguard our church family. We want to again thank you all for your understanding, cooperation, and patience.


We are cautiously maintaining our stance on making the wearing of masks or face coverings optional during the message, though, as we’ve said, we may need to make adjustments if the situation warrants it. Remember, masks are still expected when entering the building, during the worship time and after the service is over before exiting the building. Of course, if you are more comfortable keeping the mask on the whole time, we encourage you to do so.


By now, you probably know the guidelines we are following at this time by heart, but we include them each time to stress their importance.


Guidelines for Worship Service Gatherings

July 2020


1.        Practice good hand hygiene (proper hand-washing, use of hand sanitizer) prior to and after the service. If possible, bring your own hand sanitizer.


2.       Social distance by staying six feet away from others. Refrain from handshakes, etc. Do your visiting with others outdoors as much as possible. Doors will open 10 minutes before the service.


3.       The wearing of face coverings or masks is expected, but optional during the message (unless otherwise stipulated). Be considerate of others. Some may be attending who are in an at-risk group or have a compromised immune system.


4.      The church will not be providing refreshments, coffee, etc., except bottled water.


5.       Use of restrooms is limited to one person at a time, with the exception of children needing assistance. Everyone is asked to use hand sanitizer before entering the restroom. Also, normal good hygiene practice is expected.


6.       Vulnerable individuals (65 and older, people with disabilities, people with serious respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, etc.) are strongly encouraged to consider the heightened risk to themselves before choosing to attend a gathering at this time. (The governor’s guidelines are recommending that these individuals wait to gather until a later time.)


7.       Any person who is symptomatic, has a fever, has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, or has traveled internationally or to a domestic hot spot in the past two weeks should stay at home. It is recommended that each individual take their temperature before leaving home to make sure it is not above 100.4 (under age 65) or 99.5 (65 and older).


Our worship service begins at 10 a.m. with doors opening at 9:50. Someone will assist you with seating.


Live streaming of the service will begin at 10:20 a.m. after the worship music has concluded. Here is the link to our church channel on YouTube if you are watching at home:




No children’s classes are being offered at this time, but we are working on something we can do for them. We had hoped to start back with Sermon Breakout by now, but the rise in COVID-19 cases is pushing that back. Don’t forget, this Sunday is Samaritan Sunday when we receive gifts for the Benevolence Fund to assist those in need. If you would like to contribute, you can do so at church, through our website (lakewaychurch.com) or by mail to: Lakeway Church, 1855 Sulphur Springs Rd., Morristown, TN 37813.

Thank you for continuing to pray that we’ll be the church God has called us to be.


The Leadership Team   


Mark's video taped sermon for the week will be posted online through YouTube and the website (lakewaychurch.com).  as well as on the Lakeway Church Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LakewayChurch/).