Ways to Serve

More than a just a group of individuals, we are a team working together toward a common goal: connecting people with God and with each other.

The Bible describes the Church by using the image of a physical body where each person is like a part of the body: a hand, foot, eye, etc. This means that we were never called to be alone, isolated, detached from others. This also means that we should expect differences, different abilities, interests and passions.

At LCC we desire to help each person find their unique giftedness and plug into a place within the church or the community to use those gifts. Everyone has a purpose and part to play from the oldest to the youngest.

We desire to be intentionally "missional," which means we want to see the needs around us and step in and help. Examples of community organizations with which we currently partner are LOC Resources and Stepping Out Ministries.

By partnering with other churches, civic organizations and businesses, we recognize the unique role of Lakeway Community Church in our area and equally affirm the role of the Church (that's church with a capital "C"--representing all Christ-followers and congregations throughout the

Lakeway area and the world) in the lives of our community. Lakeway cannot meet every need, and we believe Christians throughout our community are making a positive difference in people's lives--and we want to join with God wherever He is working.

Please contact the church office at (423) 581-2945 or e-mail us to learn how you can get involved.



Grounds / Building Maintenance


Prayer Team

Refreshments / Coffee Set-up

Worship Team

Benevolence Team

Children’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry


Volunteer at LOC Resources